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Bambet Ghana Mobile App

Bambet leverages the latest in HTML5 technology to deliver one of the most advanced sports betting platforms in Ghana. It is developed by the European veterans of SoftSwiss, which have been around for over 15 years and power hundreds of gaming venues from across Europe, both Americas and all the way to Africa. In Ghana, Bambet, incl. the platform itself, is licensed by the Gambling Commission of the Republic of Ghana, meaning you not only get a very polished mobile experience but a fair and safe one too. And all of that is at your disposal without even having to download a mobile app for Android or iPhone. For more on that, plus nifty tricks and more details on what you can bet on, please keep reading our review of the mobile betting experience of Bambet Ghana.

Setting up a New Account for Bambet Ghana

To place bets at Bambet Ghana on the go, you would of course have to set up a new account. It is fast and free and will take you a few minutes to complete all steps. We have covered them in more detail, in the Bambet Ghana App Registration Guide, so make sure to check it out if you need help with it. What we wanted to stress here is that you would also have to verify your Bambet account. This is required by law as Bambet is a licensed sports betting operator and is obliged to verify the identity of its players before allowing them to withdraw funds. Keep this in mind and make sure to get it over with early on so that you can enjoy betting at Bambet’s mobile app without unpleasant restrictions.

Bambet Ghana – Mobile App for Android

Since Bambet goes all-in on the browser-based betting experience, there is no app to download from Google Play or an apk file to download from the operator’s website. Still, you won’t really miss anything even though there is no native app. For one thing, you will be able to bet on pretty much any Android and for another, you will be able to do anything – from placing bets to staying on top of betting slips, making payments and more.

Furthermore, you can enjoy app-like access to Bambet by simply creating a shortcut to its website. To do that, go to Bambet Ghana in your Android mobile browser and once you have opened the website, look for the Add to Home Screen button in the lower right corner of your browser’s settings. Tap it and a pop-up window will appear. Now what’s left is to enter a name for the shortcut and confirm by tapping the “Add” button.

Once you follow through the steps, Bambet will appear on your home screen and you will be able to easily track your bets, check your balance, make use of bonuses and more.

Bambet Ghana Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

There is no Bambet mobile app to download for your iPhone or iPad either. Still, the betting experience is just as well polished on iOS devices and you can easily enjoy everything the operator has to show for it with the help of Safari. Not just that, but in just a few simple steps you can create a quick link to Bambet Ghana’s website so that you can easily access it with just a tap of your iPhone or iPad.

All you need to do is open Safari and type in the Bambet website address to open the platform. Once it loads, tap the Share button right below the address bar and pick the Add to Home Screen option. This will create the shortcut to on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, making it as easy to bet here as with an actual native app.